Corona Virus Update

All of us at ECD, like you, are doing what we can to react to the work restrictions put in place in our state and throughout this country.  Our number one priority is keeping the health and safety of our employees and partners first.

Because of this we suspended manufacturing operations as of midnight March 19th.  We have begun remote operations and will continue to respond to emails and phone calls.  We will be entering and acknowledging orders.  We ask that you let us know if any order is for a critical sector operation and is needed during this difficult time.  A significant portion of our business comes from government and healthcare, so we are working on a contingency plan to manufacture and ship product if required for those critical sectors.

For all of us this is a time of great uncertainty.  We are uncertain as to when these restrictions will end.  We are uncertain as to how this will impact each of us.

However, there are some things we are certain of.

We are certain we have inventory and capacity to immediately begin operations once given the go ahead to get the product you need to you quickly.

We are certain we will come through this together.  It may not be easy, there are certainly going to be struggles, but we will persevere.

Stay safe.

All of us at ECD