Practical, versatile, stackable, reliable. Kyos multi-use guest and stackable seating is the perfect complement to office, school, church and event decor. Kyos is available as an all poly chair, with an upholstered seat and poly back or upholstered seat and back. With multiple shell and frame options, available with our without arms and several frame finishes Kyos is a wonderful guest chair.

Available and Standard Features

  • Perforated back
  • Black, and Grey shells
  • Stacks 6 high
  • Ganging available

Multipurpose Seating

Kyos 2022 PRICE LIST

Kyos Traditional BROCHURE



Most chairs in the market are simply designed poorly. Improper concave back shapes giving no thoracic support, very little or too much lumbar support, seat pans that do not adjust, and hard seat cushion foam that quickly causes burning sensations.


  • Ischial brusae thicken to provide a cushion below the bone and very importantly as a result of the tissue
    damage caused by shear force, prostaglandin E2 is released, first locally and then systematically.
  • This is a chemical which contributes to depression, fatigue and sluggish reflexes.
  • Since pressure inhibits blood flow, the tissue immediately around the blood vessels thickens to help
    keep them open.
  • Lactic acid concentrates in the muscles (no oxygen).
  • Water builds up in the subcutaneous tissues (under the skin).

Over a decade ago ECD perfected a new seat cushion comprised of soft “Memory Foam” and a high density foam core. This combination gives our Quest, Vive’ and Trudeau series the most comfortable “sit” while stabilizing the pelvic girdle. Our Convex thoracic foam correctly positions the users head over their shoulders and hips.


ECD’s Quest, Vive’ and Trudeau series are standard with thoracic back foam as well as memory foam seats. Thoracic foam is now optional on ECD’s other series. It fits between the user’s shoulder blades and supports the mid to upper back properly.

Contact ECD for the name and phone number of the representative nearest you to try out these truly incredible sitting office chairs. You will FEEL the DIFFERENCE.