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How do you start a seating company? An even better question would be why would you want to start a seating company in the early 1990’s when there were already plenty of seating companies around?

Al Agramonte, our company’s founder, left Cuba as a young man to escape a new political regime led by Fidel Castro. He came to the US with literally the clothes on his back, so working hard to earn money for food, clothes, and shelter was the only path he knew to take.

Al started in the furniture industry some 40 years ago creating a wood case goods company. As that segment evolved Al and his wife Patricia found themselves in need of a reinvention. A company they worked with approached them and asked if they made seating. They said they could. And they did. In their garage. When all you know is how to work hard and make the best of what you have, that is where you start. Because Al and Patricia knew you have to be financially strong to grow and wanted to build their new company to be financially independent and strong. And they did.

Al knew he could build a better chair to answer the question, “why start a seating company when there are so many out there already?” He could listen to the customer, work with ergonomists, and build chairs which would work for them.
From this, Ergonomic Comfort Design (ECD) was born and grew.

ECD is a certified minority owned company based in Corona, California. Since its inception in 1993, ECD’s goal has been to become a leader in its industry by providing a product designed
for a healthier work place. ECD was founded under the simple principle of manufacturing the most comfortable chair with the best function and quality creating a healthier work place environment. It is because of this, that ECD is the first choice of many corporations for
their office seating programs.

ECD’s ergonomic office seating provides you with a healthy choice providing you the correct ergonomic solution in your increasingly technology filled office. But more than that, we want
you to be comfortable – Your chair, your way.

For over 23 years, ECD has built products considering its users needs and evaluations of the product. This approach has brought us to the path we are about to fully embark on
 Your chair, your way.

Need a different size seat because you are larger or smaller? We can do that. Need a special
arm function?  We can do that. Need a special foam because you find that to be more comfortable? We can do that too. Taller, shorter, tailbone issues, highly ergonomic control, simple control, weight activated control? We can do that. Our new path will be to allow users
to easily build the chair exactly the way they want it – and change it if their needs change.



Over the Years, Ergonomic Comfort Design, Inc. has established its name in the
office furniture market by providing one of the most comfortable, high quality and functional ergonomic chairs in the industry. We also pride ourselves in our efforts of producing safer products that follow the guidelines of a
cleaner and healthier in-door
air quality for a better
office environment.


ECD strives to use materials
that are processed in an environmentally responsible manner or consist of high level
of recycled material. Our vendors are committed to eliminating negative chemicals and vapors, some of which lead to health problems and low productivity.
As part of our safety process, we require from our main suppliers a written certification confirming that their components are free form
harmful chemicals.


Momentum Textiles offers
their Terratex Fabric of recycled polyester, which is available in
all or our seating products. Omission of finishes makes it possible to recycle Terratex
Fabrics upon completion of
their useful life span.


ECD uses manufacturing
processes that are friendly
and non-threatening to our environment. Materials used in
the production process contain no Ozone Depleting Substances (ODSs) (chlorofluorocarbons
(CFCs) or hydrocloroflourcarbons (HCFCs)). Our systems are in full compliance with EPA requirements concerning Clean Air and Clean Water. We recycle scrap metal, paper and corrugated waste. We work diligently with our local power company to determine effective ways to conserve energy in our operations.


Our Chairs are shipped using reusable packaging materials such as blankets and other such materials as recyclable cardboard boxes.


ECD designs and manufactures products with long life cycles to reduce total disposals. ECD products carry a lifetime warranty (with a few exceptions) and are designed to last for well over 10 years, meaning our products limit the dispose and re-purchase cycle that causes many environmental problems.

ECD eliminated the printed owner’s manual in January of 2006. End users have the ability to log on to www.ecdonline.net and learn how to operate their new chair by watching an animated tutorial. ECD is currently working on eliminating the printed catalog by having an “online” Catalog with brochures and pricing.

ECD welcomes visitors to tour our factory and see for themselves our commitment for a cleaner environment.



ECD is committed to building a product applying the latest available technology and methods of production. ECD’s Ergonomic Office Seating provides you with a “healthy” choice to give you the correct ergonomic solution to the needs of your “Hi-tech” working environment without sacrificing styling or design. 

We are also committed to professional top quality customer service and responsiveness to your needs so that
we may guarantee you full customer satisfaction.


ECD will strive to build product considering the users needs and evaluation of the product. Then we determine ways to implement those desired improvements.

We request your help by suggesting any product or feature you consider important in your particular need which is missing from our product line. Your suggestions will then be analyzed and considered for the possibility of future production.


ECD’s goal is to become a leader in our industry by providing a product designed for a healthier working environment.

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