When we box a chair for shipment at ECD it is in a box 90% assembled. The arms and back are attached
to the seat, all someone needs to do is pull the base that has the casters attached out of the box, put the pneumatic cylinder into the base and slide that component into the mechanism to have a fully assembled chair! This is quick and easy for anyone to do and also means you don’t need to have an installer spend a lot of time building chair which lowers the overall cost of installation. This is great, but it means we need to
ship our chairs in pretty big boxes.

Big boxes can be troublesome and expensive to ship. The cost of shipping is unfortunately one of the most expensive components of the chair. In some cases, it can cost more to ship a chair than the chair itself cost! Currently our price book only includes freight to the Southern California marketplace, so dealers outside this area will need to add freight costs to the price of the chair. In early 2018 we will be publishing a new price list with the cost of freight included in the list pricing.

Doing this doesn’t eliminate the cost of freight, it just adds it into the list price taking at least one step out
of the process of getting accurate quotes to your client. Our goal at ECD is to get our chairs to you as inexpensively as possible. So, our recommendation is to call us anytime you have a potential order for 2 or more chairs for an actual freight quote. The more product, the lower the cost of shipping which enables us
to provide ECD chairs to you and your client at the lowest possible net price.